Lyonette 1 year

Our beloved Tosa Inu female Lyonette celebrated on 1.5.2011 her first year of life. Líbající We wish our beautiful girl all the best, a lot of health and stay so amazing funny companion as you are.  Usmívající se


IDS DUOCACIB Brno 5.-6.2.2011

Photogallery from 5.2. HERE (thanks for photos Hanka Plichtová Mrkající) and from 6.2. HERE . Complete show results on website of CMKU.

NDS Olomouc 8.1.2011

Photos from this years first dogshow HERE

Thanks for nice company Hanka Plichtová and Kristýna Malinovská. Mrkající

IDS Trenčín, Slovakia 23.1.2011

After long time I have went for a trip with youngest member of our pack. Smějící se

photos HERE

tn1 tn2


For photos of my Lyonette thanks to family Gottwald (owner of black tosa male Cairo of Malizi doghouse)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2011


Photogalleries added and many more

Finally added photogalleries of our pack and many other updates and new informations. Mrkající

We have new website :)

Welcome on new webiste of our Tosa Inu kennel - Endless Devotion. We are working here all day all night. Mrkající


Tosa inu kennel Endless Devotion

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