IDS Praha 3.+4.11.2012

We have participated with INDY  on IDS Prague, when both days she got Excellent 3  . Usmívající se Congrats also to Jimi to his results 2x CAC (kennel Malizi doghouse) and thanks all our friends for nice weekend. Mrkající


PF 2013



PS: During Christmas we will make a lot of updates. Mrkající

Clubshow of Molossclub SK, Sereď 15.9.2012

Her CZ/SK show career Lyonette started more than very nice. In big competition of dogs (25 tosa males and females entered) and despite the rigor of the judge got my girl beautiful results!




IDS Bratislava, Slovakia 18.8.2012

INDY :  Exc 1, CAC, res.CACIB

Thank you for company all day kennel Malizi doghouse and congrats to beautiful results too! Mrkající

Indy BA

Double birthday

On 5.6.2012 has celebrated our beloved senior Varinek 14 years and our tosa queen Indy :)) 3 years. We wish you both all the best! Líbající

Varinek 14 letIndy 3 roky


Weekend in Serbia 2.+3.6.2012

This weekend we went for a trip to Serbia together with kennel Malizi doghouse with nice pack-Jimi and both our girls Indy and Lyonette.

CAC Bečej 2.6.: Jimi Exc 1, CAC, BOB  Lyonette Exc 1, CAC and Indy Exc 1, CAC

CACIB Subotica 3.6.: Jimi Exc 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB  Lyonette Exc 1, CAC, CACIB and Indy Exc 1, CAC, res.CACIB

With this results all our dogs fulfilled condition for obtaining title CHAMPION OF SERBIA!!



2xCACIB Varaždin,Croatia 26.+27.5.2012

On the last weekend of May we have made a trip to Croatia. It was the first time for our Lyonette in adult class.

The show was very successful for us, we didnt really expected it!

Saturday: Exc 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB

Sunday: Exc 1, CAC, CACIB 



We would like to thank for company kennel Malizi doghouse and big congrats to results of Jimi which were great for both days too (2x Exc 1, 2x CAC, 2x CACIB and Sunday BOB) !

Special clubshow of Molossclub SK 5.5. and NDS Banská Bystrica, Slovakia 6.5.2012

Specialty clubshow Moloss club SK - INDY Exc 2, res.CAC

NDS Banská Bystrica - INDY Exc 4



(Indy got very nice judge report from Marian Priehoda: Female with strong body, excellent, strong and wide head, excellent topline, wide chest, good legs and feet and right movement)

For nice company for whole weekend thanks to kennels Malizi doghouse and Devil in the house. Mrkající

Lyonette 2 years

1.5.2012  has celebrated our Lyonette her 2nd birthday. We wish you all the best!  Líbající


Indy in advertisement

In the last issue of MODERN MOLOSSER MAGAZINE appeared our Indy in advertisement of canadian producer of exclusive hand-made collars! We are very pleased by it and it was really a big surprise for us! Usmívající se


INDY - Hungarian champion

INDY got 3x Excellent 1, 3x CAC and 2x CACIB and fulfilled conditions for Champion of Hungary! Smějící se




IDS DuoCacib Brno 5.2.2012

INDY - Excellent 4



IDS Trenčín, Slovakia 29.1.2012

INDY - Excellent 4


Photos HERE


Tosa inu kennel Endless Devotion

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