IDS České Budějovice 6.10.2013

Lyonette started on this show her career to next championship in her collection (Czech one) with result Exc 2, res.CAC, res.CACIB :)

And next amazing news, on 11.10. FCI confirmed that our INDY also fulfilled conditions for obtaining title INTERCHAMPION (C.I.B) !

We are soo proud of our girls! :)

DuoCAC Lučenec, Slovakia 14.+15.9.2013

Saturday: Exc 1, CAC, BOB! (and the judge was very impressed by temperament of Lyonette and also by excellent handling, so we were very pleased by it)

Sunday: Exc 2, res.CAC

This weekend has fulfilled our tosa female Lyonette conditions for obtaining title  GRANDCHAMPION OF SLOVAKIA!!!!

IMG 8705IMG 8717

IDS Velká Ida, Slovakia 6.-7.7.2013

On this dogshow got Lyonette both days in champion class great results again, and even on Sunday the highest title. Líbající

Saturday: Exc 2, res.CAC

Sunday: Exc 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB




For excellent handling big thanks to Daniel Hrežík. Mrkající

Tosa inu Lyonette in magazine :)

In the latest issue of well known czech magazine "Pes přítel člověka" was article about WDS v Budapest and success of czech dogs were printed there. We are very proud that our tosa inu female is also there. Mrkající


INDY 4 years

On 5.6.2013 celebrated our beautiful Indy 4 years. We wish you all the best! Líbající


NDS Senec + IDS Nitra, Slovakia 1.-2.6.2013


Indy - Exc 2, res.CAC


Saturday: Indy - Exc 2, res.CAC, res.CACIB

Sunday: Lyonette - Exc 1, CAC, CACIB, BOS!!!

On this dogshow Lyonette has fulfilled conditions for obtaining title  INTERCHAMPION (C.I.B.) !!! We have also send request to FCI for obtaining this title also for Indy , waiting for processing. Mrkající



WORLD DOG SHOW 2013 Budapest, Hungary

This years World dog show was a premiere for me and my female, there were entered a lot of competitors (there was 75 tosa representatives from many European countries).  The biggest joy I have from our results which we had won! Pohodový

CACIB Grand Prix 15.5.

Lyonette - Exc 2, res.CAC


World Dog Show 17.5.

Lyonette - Exc 1, CAC !!! (in competition of 10 females)


For company and support big thanks to kennel Malizi doghouse and Daniel Hrežík. Mrkající

Clubshow of Molossclub SK, Nenince 4.5.2013

On 4.5. we have spend beautiful sunny day on clubshow in Slovakia and my tosa inu female Indy and male Jimi from my friend both got nice titles in champion class. Usmívající se

INDY - Excellent 1, CAC

JIMI - Excellent 1, CAC --> Grandchampion of Slovakia !!!

  Big congrats from us to owner Kristýna Malinovská (kennel Malizi doghouse) !!


Tosa inu INDY again in advertisement

Today international online magazine GLOBAL DOGGER published new issue and canadian producer Oli Collars has chosen without my knowing it, for the representation of their collars again our little girl. We are very happy, it's a huge honor for us! Usmívající se


Lyonette 3 years

On 1.5. has celebrated our beautiful Lyonette her 3rd birthday. Its nearly 1 year since she started her successful show career. We wish you so much success also in next years, a lot of health and be so amazing companion as you are. Líbající




Victory show & Champion of champions 2012, Slovakia 23.3.2013

On this prestigious show Lyonette appeared with her new handler and in strong competition got nice result Excellent 2, res.CAC , and fulfilled conditions for obtaining title CHAMPION OF SLOVAKIA! Mrkající


For handling big thanks Daniel Hrežík and for photo Dušan Pohl. Usmívající se

DUO Nitradog, Slovakia 23.-24.2.2013

INDY - Exc 2, res.CAC ---> fulfilled conditions for CHAMPION OF SLOVAKIA
INDY - Exc 3

We would like to thank for company for whole weekend Malizi doghouse kennel and congrats to great results of their dogs (Jimi + Eisai) ! Pohodový



IDS Trenčín, Slovakia 27.1.2013

This dogshow was a premiere for my LYONETTE in champion class. Despite strong competition she has managed to got excellent results : Exc2 , res.CAC, res.CACIB Mrkající


Thanks for company kennel Malizi doghouse, congrats also to beautiful results (Eisai CAC, Jimi CAC CACIB BOS) and looking forward to next dogshow.  Pohodový


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