Litter A - 2nd birthday

On 23rd April 2017 celebrates our litter "A" 2 years. Happy B-Day boys! :) 

DSC 4797.o

Victory Show Bratislava 18.2.2017

Exc.1, CAC, Victory Junior Winner

At the age of 21 months Bashir also fulfilled conditions for awarding next show title - Champion of Slovakia.

IMG 6824.u

IDS Nitra, SK 14.-15.1.2017

We started our show season for 2017 very successfully. Bashir both days in the intermediate class, after a long pause he was on Saturday full of energy again, but on Sunday I was very surprised because he showed me that he knows how to act like a pro. I am very happy. :)

Saturday: Exc1, CAC

Sunday: Exc1, CAC, CACIB


PF 2017


Our stud dog

Bashir became officially stud dog in our kennel. :)

Bashir 19 mes

(photo at 19 months)

IDS Nitra, SK 4.12.2016

On 4th December we took part with Bashir at the last czechoslovakian dogshow in 2016. We had premiere in intermediate class. Judge liked him a lot, so we got very nice judge report and Excellent 1, CAC (despite his cooperation that day wasnt ideal for me :D ).

We have a lot of work and trainings together in the future, but he is still very young dog with a lot of energy, who has his whole show career prior him. :)

Bašir Nitra

Our dog - Abashiri

 The male from A litter - Abashiri Akai, who stayed with us in our kennel, was done at the age of 18 months mandatory health examinations with the best possible results. We are so happy! :)

Till these days he has show titles "Puppy champion of Slovakia" and "Junior champion of Slovakia" :) 

DSC 3986.u

(photo at the age of 16 months)

Litter A - 1st birthday

On 23rd April 2016 our boys from litter A celebrates their 1st birthday.  All got from us little gift, hope all boys were happy from it. :)

So once again - Happy Birthday !!! :) 

DSC 3550.v

( on photo male Abashiri - Puppy champion of Slovakia, awaiting Junior champion SK )


PF 2016


All boys has new homes :)

We have found and chosen the right loving owners for all our puppies. We are sorry, but we no longer have any puppies for sale.

All owners are happy about their temperament, condition and size of the puppies, which is for us the greatest reward!

We are not planning any next litter now, but we are preparing some news. :)

New photos - boys 6 weeks

We have added new photos to photogallery again - new photos of puppies till their 6 weeks HERE . :)

3 boys (2 black and 1 red) are waiting for their new loving owners. :)

DSC 4871.uDSC 4873.u

Puppies 5 weeks and their first stay in the garden :)

We have added new photos of puppies till their age of 5 weeks HERE. They are also from Thursday 28th May. - i.e. from their 5th week in the garden. Moving to a new environment was for them no problem, they acted as they have been there from birth. :) They met also new sounds, such as cutting machine, brush cutters, the barking of dogs from neighbors, screaming children ... and none of it did not make them a problem. They also joyfully welcomed first visits. We love developing characters of our guys, they are real darlings! :)

DSC 4452.u


Boys 4 weeks :)

Our boys have 4 weeks and were already given their pedigree names to them :)

blue boy - ABASHIRI AKAI

green boy - ASAGO KOFI

brown boy - ATAMI RAION

white boy - AKIRUNO SHIN

DSC 4000.u

New photos HERE :) 


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